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Please ORDER Wings for a Flower from the HOME page.

$16.95 + shipping, ALL proceeds benefit Free Wheelchair Mission



Check out

           for "Miracle of Mobility" event (July 13, 2017) updates and news!


JULY 28, 2016:  More than 600 copies of Wings for a Flower given to guests at Free Wheelchair Mission's         "Miracle of Mobility" event.


MARCH and NOVEMBER 2016:  Book Readings at SHOWA Boston


October 24, 2015: Boston Book Festival with IPNE

(Independent Publishers of New England) - Book Signing and Sale, time tbd.


SEPTEMBER 2015:  $ sent to Free Wheelchair Mission (July, Aug, Sept. 2015 book sales).

          - 9/20: Vendor at Brookline Day, Brookline, MA

          - 9/19: Shrewsbury MA, FWM Fundraiser and Book Sale


JUNE 2015:  $457.70 sent to FreeWheelchair Mission from April, May, June Book sales.

          - 6/19: Book Reading, Grade 5, Runkle School, Brookline, MA

          - 6/18: Book Reading, Grades 3 and 5, Spenser Borden School, Fall River MA

          - 6/2: Book Reading, Grade 4 "Understanding our Differences", Pierce School, Brookline, MA

          - 5/14: Boston Public Library, SCBWI Networking Event

          - 6/7: Institute for Human Centered Design, Boston, MA, Charlie Croteau, main speaker










MARCH 2015:  $1,335.35 sent to FWM (Jan, Feb, Mar 2015 book sales: $1247.55, plus on-line donations of                  $87.80).

          - 3/14, 3/15/15: Exhibitor at Tucson Festival of Books, Tucson, AZ

          - 3/12/15:  Presentation at Rubio's (FWM Ambassadors) Prescott, AZ

          - 3/11/15, 2015: Presentation to Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, AZ


DECEMBER 2014:  $4,567.43 sent to FWM (Doyle's: $2132.86; Book Sales,Oct,Nov,Dec:  $2,434.57)

          - 12/14/14: Annual FWM Fundraising Party

             at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain. Picture at right:

             Ellen Gaffney, Charlie Croteau, and Sue 

             Donnelly at our 11th annual FWM party!








          - 12/05, 12/06, 12/07/14: Winter Market at THE UMBRELLA in Concord, MA.

       - 12/04/14 - Vendor at the 10th Annual Massachusetts Women's Conference, Boston, MA. Hillary Clinton was                  the keynote speaker, so I sent her a book for her granddaughter, and a note.  Later I received a letter from                    her:












          -  12/02/14: Presentation and reading at Sophia Snow House, Roslindale,MA



SEPTEMBER 2014:  $1,105.43 sent to Free Wheelchair Mission (July, August, September 2014 sales).


             - 09/14/14 - Vendor at Brookline Day in Brookline, MA.  

             Ten books sold: Two wheelchairs +.  That's two human

             beings no longer crawling - a good day.





AUGUST 2014:  A book signing and reading with FWM founder, Don Schoendorfer, at Bookstacks in beautiful Bucksport Maine.  Thank you, Andy, Fr. Bruce, Brigid, Lou, and all who came by to learn about and buy the book!











JULY 2014:  $1749.27 to Free Wheelchair Mission (April,May,June 2014  book sales)

          - 7/15/14 - JCC Newton Kaleidoscope Camp: "Writing, Illustrating and Producing a Children's Picture Book",                 collage workshop. A few of the camper's collages:












          - 7/9/14 - Park School Young Publisher's Camp:  "Writing, Illustrating and Producing a Children's Picture Book"             Thank you Elise, Chris, and your great campers/authors


APRIL 2014:  





Boston Globe article about Ellen Gaffney

and Wings for a Flower:



March 2014:   $2,466.90 to Free Wheelchair Mission (January, February, March 2014  book sales)

         Book reading/discussion with 3rd and 4th graders at St. Ignatius Church (not open to public).

             - Lecture/discussion at Institute of Art, Brookline, MA (not open to public).


January 2014 News: $3,058.00 to Free Wheelchair Mission from November, December 2013 sales!


December 2013 Event:   THANK YOU to all who came to the Winter Market in Concord! 

             I sold close to 70 books there.  It was a great weekend.  




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the more money Free Wheelchair Mission receives.

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Please contact me:,
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